Workshop I, 24.4. – 2.5. 2009

Workshop II, 3.-6.12. 2009


Teams of students from architectural schools will work on research in their respective capitals. Seven teams will share their experience of urban spaces with the aim of reflecting city development and proposing future visions for Central European capitals. The workshops are meeting points, places for discussions and presentations of research results in the presence of renowned professionals and experts. This concentration of creative potential will provide relevant research results and will strengthen the cultural background of the spaces we live in.

City Gallery

Photographers are critically observing problems in their cities, especially in the social spaces created by recently built architecture. The focus is not on the architecture itself, but more on the space that it has generated – shopping malls draining social life from the city centres, endless parking lots, managerial housing ghettos at the outskirts and cities enclosed between logistic centre ramparts.


Architecture research focuses on both a revision of development over the last twenty years and, by understanding the city from today’s point of view, proposes visions for the future development of Central European capitals. The book will summarize the results of the two-year project at a level understandable not only by professionals, but politicians and inhabitants as well.



The project Urbanity – Twenty Years Later intends to contribute to a debate about the importance and the future look of European capitals by organizing public discussions. The Forum desires to activate city council representatives to meet and exchange experiences in city development, to help prevent the repetition of false steps and to open the possibility of discussing future plans. This is also where the student teams are going to present the results of their year’s work.